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What is love?

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Women tend to be choosy and men tend to try to be chosen! Men try all those things that could – possibly – attract a woman. This is the fundamental instinct settled deep inside the humans and probably the only cause of LOVE.

What is love? If I stick to the route others have passed in the past, I would certainly not be able to define it. As few claims “it is the feeling tangible enough only to feel not to define or confine.” On contrary you may hear some saying “love is a triumph of imagination over intelligence.” Whatever! They were successful in confusing whole human race through out the past for just few maudlin-sublime-pensive medley of words. They converted – deliberately – love into an enigma. Why? Possibly it was an attempt to cease people fall in it? To stop them experiencing it. Or, love really is so enigmatic, so evasive? And they only conveyed the truth. Reasons are hardly of any importance. What we know today of love is something contradictory in itself. Love is no more a mere feeling – which our literature boasts of: surrender, commitment, selfishness and others of the same ilk – but has grown up to become an urgency. A commercial commodity with the pre-defined hierarchy-needs-and-conditions. A kind of trade good that might fall under merchandising. An old saying “money can buy everything except love!” Of course even today, money does not have the potency and capacity to afford purchasing love (though it might seem true in some cases but that doesn’t fit to call love) but today we have a greater wealth to exchange love with. No matter how one avails himself love, unless he knows what love is – he is at a loss.

So! What is love? Is it sexual? Or, is it platonic? What causes it stem? What forces it perish?

Love is a tendency to behave instinctively – to choose for one; to be chosen for the other. It is a zero-sum game where both opponents play together, conspire together to achieve “dependency”. Love is a “stick” – people tend to grow dependent on.

Love has been trivialized. It is complex yet perpetual. No one understands yet claims to dwell in it. How? Simplly because it is nothing but a status quo.

Either pretend it; or remain inert! But don’t try to define it.

Please, stop preaching!!!

Written by Animesh

April 28, 2005 at 11:32 pm

Posted in Diary

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