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Why Love?

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People are like stars, busy competing to shine brighter, always in a hurry to blink earlier, always trying to separate farther. They fear others; they are scared that if they draw closer their shine would perish, their uniqueness would blur. They believe that the less close you stay the more important you become. And so do the humans. Probably, this is why, our ancestors said that our life is governed by stars and galaxies. This governance is not because of their motion, but our motivation; not because of their tuition, but our intuition.

Few of us, who don’t get charged, who don’t get motivated, outwit the arcane cosmic laws and shine more bright than anything else in the universe. They become SURYA. They become GOD, as we generally name the genre of such stars.

It’s not rare or difficult to distinguish them from the rush of commons. My attempt to pay homage to one such person ushered me through the labyrinth of words, syntaxes, and past and now here I am, with felicitous words piled down, to index few excerpts from his life, especially those that incited me, inspired me, and sometimes envied me.

Written by Animesh

April 28, 2005 at 11:31 pm

Posted in Diary

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