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the time to demise is near,
nothing now do I fear,
motley did I erst prepare,
each one lurks now, to leave scar!

‘where is dawn, dusk is where?’
no-one knew, though conceded only few.
cremation is haping there,
now, what makes me sneer?

all the way, I wailed for hay,
pile of they, lay inert there,
all my kins, all my sins,
sneaked by here.
the time to detach is near,
path ahead is pristine and clear.
now… but, what makes me blear?

thieves eloped with all did I muster,
shining now is my peel bare,
‘Wake up and start again, Nothing can perish thou reign’
sermon bounces a profound whisper!

so, here I am anew,
ready to take into and clew,
mortal is everything around,
but then, why am I fixing my view?
one has his stint to do fare,
but then, whom I wait to confer?

let me renounce the trap of spirit,
let me fall onto an ordinary street,
burn now, even the last vestige of mine,
flap all the debris, that could shine,

let me go torpid and never urge to come back.
for this is the way, shown is picture!
be it I, be it you,
all have to surrender.

no miracles are there, there is no wonder,
life is such, as it comes near.
the time to demise is over,
nothing now do I fear.

Written by Animesh

May 30, 2005 at 11:51 pm

Posted in Poetry

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