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The Devil and Miss Prym

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We humans are mere an instrument of God who bestows his temptations, his love, and his burden upon us. On the other hand stands there is Devil. A gritty and shrewd competitor of God. In classical age, they were tied together with phonograms: Devils and Angels. When the wrangle between the two prevailing super powers heats up, humans fall prey to the circumstances, losing their integrity, solidarity and above all losing their selves, serving as a tool, like movie characters, to emblem the occult struggle. The book “The Devil and Miss Prym” struggles with the same heat, turmoil, despair and bleakness that shadows everything when Devils ploy against Angels.

Humans! A strange creature with all his ability to think and analyze. What is he? Good? Or, bad? This is the trial here. Which side he is at? Devils? Or, angels? This is the ordeal here.

In a small village, Viscos, rotten of their children, their money and of any possible adventure; predictable and programmed; ethnic and settled; a stranger comes in with Devil accompanying him. He was betrayed by the God and angels, or at least he feels such, or rather Devil has made him feel such. Whatever! Berta, who was told by her long died husband about this misfortune asking him to keep vigil, recognized him at once. But, what can an old woman of such an age could do? Except, probably, musing over and succumbing to her destiny. Nothing to worry, though! In the flock of 281 habitants, destiny had its agent, Miss Prym, to carry the burden. Stranger, himself lost to evil, has a strong desire to find if humans, as a whole, as the most evolved race, are corrupt, devoid of morality and ethics. And he throws a strange bite: grotesque at first, acceptable eventually. Would the villagers, his fellow humans, act as he want? Or, would they deny? Would they revolt? This is a struggle to rise above the rubbles of past, threats of evil and temptations of bad.

Paulo once again writes an inspiring fiction, quintessential of the fight we confront each passing day and night, filled with didactic one-liners and a finale moral. A worth reading book, which opens up new windows and verbalizes the age old mystique.

Written by Animesh

July 8, 2005 at 12:10 am

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