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Are we passionate?

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Passion or security – which one would you go for?

Probably, both! We, the elite animals, have a strange obsession. We never accept the truth, perhaps, in order to retain our hope, to build the past in a way only we deem true. Is it possible to cease the existence of something just by making ourselves blind to it? This conscious blindness would only block the vision of the object, not the object itself.

You are touted ‘passionate’ when you develop a mania for a belief or a faith or an action. You intensely desire something or someone. You release your energies boundlessly, downward and outward under a force – a strong force that is capable of creation and as well as of destruction. You feel swayed. You feel sublime, elated. You discover meaning to everything you think and everything you do.

And security! It’s a concept to help you hide behind some cocoon – real or imaginary, true or myth. Very often you conceive a prototype of your future life and future relations such as; the so-and-so woman is my love, so-and-so career is my final destination, so-and-so understands me the best, and no one else, nothing else could then oust these protocols. Because, you have convinced yourself about it and want no further negotiations. Passion is different from security as men are different from women.

Security is a state free from any danger or threat. Passion on the other hand germinates where there is a threat.

Falling in love is a daring step, a passionate step, because you accept to confront the challenges of unpredictable upshots in the near offing. Love is a threat and, hence, needs a daring step if you want to tame it, to experiment it. No matter how wise you are; no matter how pedant you are; no matter how well-read you are; no matter how have you been thinking of love; it takes you by surprise; and you melt away along with it. Humans, however concerned they might seem, do never want peace. They want a struggle, a conflict; because it’s only in the war that one can prove one’s worth, manifest one’s superiority. Love is the best battle field they can settle for, and, to their fillip, it is easily available too.

Though, the purpose of war might seem to attain peace, but in truth, it is fictitious. Purpose, or say goal, is just a pseudo canopy that covers the real mania – a mania to fight. No one can breathe with peace. No sword can retain its serration in peace. There has to be a conflict, and there is indeed, to cause the motion, no matter whether forward or backward. And if one eventually has to fight, why not to fight for some holy stuff? Like love. Love, being the most mysterious of emotions, being the most precarious of states, gives refuge to almost everyone – from humans to animals. It is – thence – a holy stuff. Love never guarantees you security. It’s a movement of passion. And passion kindles and rekindles itself, thence, making love to come in and then to go out. It leaves nothing for vacuum. It fills everything, in and around itself. Security makes things stagnated and you feel like carrying out a ritual with no adventure, no excitement, and with no possibility of war. Don’t scare of falling into love; don’t despair in falling out of it either.

Security is only a skin, passion is the flesh. They are never packaged together. They are dichotomized. But people tend to bring them closer. It is impossible. They would run along but apart. Yet, people would seek passion in security; and security in passion. Love is something that passion nurtures; that security condemns. Choose, your side.

Written by Animesh

August 26, 2005 at 12:13 am

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