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The Rain

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Had it not been such
How would I have thought?

I wandered all night,
fleeing from your touch.
Like rain falling down for earth,
in search of hope.
And desire.
Its past erased,
while mine, bolstered much.

Clouds wailed virulent.
Enacting their grief,
loosing the droplets.

Earth stared up,
with its enormity.
deceiving the cloud,
with a hollow superiority.

The rain was befuddled,
One was immense
and swank;

It made the choice,
The traditions rejoiced.
Soil was destined;
Sky, marooned.
it was parted, and had to reach soon.

Earth was the destination,
Clouds, an illusion.

With rain over it,
earth was muddled;
blessed with something,
That couldn’t be cradled.

Tiny drops made their way,
through the impatient clay.

They were mixed,

Water lost.
Earth eased.
Clouds erased.

Had it not been such,
How would I have thought?
Of my stance, like the mist.
Of you, as a part of it.
Held in me for a moment,
Mazed in earth as a torrent.
Had it not been such,
How would I have thought?
Of the triangle disguised
Of the gestalt,
breached in fright.

Written by Animesh

September 14, 2005 at 12:18 am

Posted in Poetry

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