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Since I saw you,
I saw a dream.
In that dream,
I saw you.
And myself

My life is now,
my poem.
My wait is now,
my anthem.
Baritone and omnipresent –
it sings my melancholy,
in the pink of all sections.

Is it that, you are gone?
Or is it, that, you have actually come?
I swagged in and out,
tracing your traces.
I leafed through the tomes,
marking your marks.

All void!

Remain there is a question;
Was it you, or a mere confusion?

Who were you?
Who are you?

A blur,
A metaphor,
Or an illusion?

You are a dream, perhaps!
Yes, you are a dream.
Around me.
In me.
Like a divine scheme.

I call on to you, when
the dark dreads me.
I speak to you, when
the night befalls me.
I sense you,
your voice, and
your smile.
And bleaker goes my hope
against, my heart’s treasons.

The more you are absent,
The more clamant seems
your presence!
Glaring through dark
heeding my reasons!

You are a dream,
My dream,
Dream of all seasons.

Written by Animesh

October 17, 2005 at 12:22 am

Posted in Poetry

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