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AID(S)ing Ambassadors

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Whatever be the message, ‘glamour’ can say it all. Remember Shah Rukh endorsing Videocon televisions, or Santro cars; Aishwarya donning Tanishq jewelleries; Amitabh gulping Hajomola golies (tabs); Tendulkar driving TVS Victor; or John riding Yamaha? What they all have in common is their celebrity-ness. And the people eager to copy every move, every style of them. Harnessing this peculiar selling power of celebrities, some great campaigns of past were launched. Aishwarya coaxed for eye donation; Amitabh and Shah Rukh cajoled for polio vaccination. And they worked. As efficiently as they clicked in commercial ads.

Now they all have gathered to throw AIDS off the country.

Mumbai Mirror reports about this HIV/AIDS awareness media campaign which is the costliest music video ever; featuring the largest number of stars from bollywood ever. Last time it happened was almost 20 years ago for the song “mile sur mera tumhara…” This video – a BBC world Service Trust production – would be directed by Anu Malhotra, nine time national award winning documentary filmmaker.

Glamour is today’s spice. Add it to anything, and that would sell. Make it a fashion, and it will trade. Tell people that this is the latest style, and they would buy. No one likes a simple message, make it complex, and – voila! – there you go. This is what they call brand management.

AIDS is not a product; but certainly, it is today’s concern. “Precaution is the only salvation”. This is the brand message; and they are the brand ambassadors. Let them – the glitzy stars – lead us. We would follow.

Written by Animesh

December 16, 2005 at 12:55 am

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