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I would like to know, why were sports invented? For the people, or for an individual?

When I peep into it more profoundly, I see sports as one of those rare jewels which start from an individual and stretch to the masses. A perfect quintessential of plurality! The game is for one, and at the same time, for all. Everyone is a champion; everyone is a spectator. Sports are a true measure of current day democratic unisons.

And in India, sports means cricket. We live cricket. Pulse by pulse, beat by beat, ball by ball, and rematch everything with Door-Darshan highlights.

Either in war or in cricket, we – the Indians – come together in support of our nation, holding our gasps, hand-in-hand, furiously watching over the television set. This sense of nationality is apparent again, by dint of Mr. Ganguly’s omission from the ‘Team India’. Here is what The Time of India has to say.

Ganguly was an epoch to Indian cricket – most successful caption ever – among the best of batsmen around the globe. But then, he slipped steeply. Few errors with bat, few slips of tongue, and he was in dust. And load of accusations was burdened onto him.

Then he was thrown out. And people, especially from Kolkata, protested. The protest however was discarded, considering as a mere jingoism of Begali’s over their Bengal-Tiger. But, the man was determined to revert and claim his position. He took all the toil and spent all his patience through out the local series, and he was taken in again. He played for some time, and quite appreciably, he played good, past the accusations of individuality, he played to the team spirit, for the ‘Team India’. But, this couldn’t help him much as he was thrown out again. No one knows why? I guess, not even the selection (read rejection.) committee.

And the mighty parliament discussed this issue. Here are what The Hindu reports.

Who says this is an era of short memory span? Cricket fans still hold all his records at the tip of tongue. Watch them over the Kolkata streets. After all, this is democracy. How can you commit ridicule and go away untarnished?

Whatever happens in future; one thing is certain. Ganguly has his way paved to politics, if not to cricket. He wouldn’t have to open a cricket training camp; he can instead become our sports’ minister? Policy-making is brawnier than run-making. Is this why he is keeping his lips tight?

Written by Animesh

December 16, 2005 at 12:53 am

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