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Head In The Clouds

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“So…how do you think we met?” Strolling by the lake side down the bridge, in Paris, he asked her.

“Sometimes you see complete strangers…and there is something special about them. And you think you should really go and talk to them, because you might never see them again, and if you don’t, it will never be done. But it’s all fate anyway. It had to be your room I came into that night in Cambridge.”

“What do you mean?”

“The whole room was familiar as if I had seen that before in dreams.”

“It reminded you of some place you had been before?” He quipped.

“Ah…The mind isn’t a physical thing like your body…”

He interrupted her, “But then if my room was already there…then how could it mean that everything was fixed in advance.”

She leaped to him, kissed fully for a brief moment, and said with an amusingly mocking smile. “You think I was being spontaneous, but I was always going to do that. This desire was always going to win this argument.”
Six Years later, after the end of World War-2, she was brutally killed by the local patriots (read thugs). In Paris, she was sleeping with a German sergeant. She was accused of leaking information to the German’s; when actually she spied against them…irony!

She left a letter.

well…my love!

I am trying to make sense of things, of how I was and how I am now. I have always believed our first duty is to ourselves, to live life to the full. But, I have also been haunted by another conviction that everything is pure dent, lying and wait and time is running out. I seen to have charged through my life in a kind of panic and looking back I feel I have achieved little beyond our friendship, yours and mine…and Mia’s. And one day I woke and found that I have lost the two people I cared for most. Only then that I began to realize that we can not live alone, aloof from the world and not to believe we can not fight against fate as an act of surrender. You were right when you said that once that I cared for your opinion about me, but wrong in thinking I ever stopped caring.

I love you.

– Gilda

This was from the movie I watched yesterday night: ‘Head In The Clouds

A must watch, if you tend to understand the un-understandable, if you tend to hope against the impossible, if you tend to believe in life, in yourself, and in love.

Written by Animesh

March 23, 2006 at 1:38 am

Posted in Diary

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