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She lay there,
in my imagination
or in reality?

A thought,
provoking, inciting
kind of vision,
or a sensation?
or just a muse,

I touch her.
She slithers away,
like a move
unplanned, uncertain
by chance.

Then, out of blue,
she circles closer,
squaring off the silence and
the mute, holds
and transpires in me.

Lost once again.
I reach for her,
But lost in me,
she is not in here.

Like the first rays of dawn,
omnipresent in all the later rays,

Like the fist beat of my heart,
ubiquitous in all the later beats,
She has come to live,
to die,
to surrender,
in me, with me.

And I search for her,
Like fools,
in the fool’s paradise.

Like the light,
Fixed with moon.

Like a thought, an idea,
In me,
fixed for eternity.

She lay there,
in my imagery
or in reality?

I touch her,
she slips into me.


Written by Animesh

April 24, 2006 at 2:03 am

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