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My Feeble Love

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Alone and mislaid,
I walk down the shade.

Few things, scattered,
here and there,
shy away,
from me, asking,
“Am I pure, or just a trade?”

Fleet of memory,
in rhyme, before me,

Assuring old bonds,
Rejuvenating old love,
that, still,
in old corners, writhed,
and stayed.

Love is not just a want,
but an aid.
to life.
Asking not to stop,
but to wade.

Still extant,
my feeble love,
fetes with
emotions, faded.

Still present,
her ecstatic fragrance,
my passions, fleeted.

Stray memories
still bind us.
I ask them for a favor,
to arouse my fervor,
to beef me up, to still
my love, swayed.

Alone and mislaid,
I walk down the shade.

I see her silhouette,
depleted by love,
fluttering now,
still then,

I walk down to her,
to alleviate her pain,
and to relieve mine,
to ease her in my arms,
to claim, again,
the feeble love,
mine, betrayed.

Alone and mislaid,
I see her, every-where.

Alone, my love,
my feeble love, is slowly,
becoming my crusade.

Written by Animesh

May 27, 2006 at 2:09 am

Posted in Poetry

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