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Running water never grows stale. Keep flowing!

The glue

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The glue between two people,
love and sex, and hope!
One morphing into another,
adding them,
intimate, closer.

And risk of a fantasy,
lure of an ecstasy,
doped in one single moment,
spelling a fog around,
hope and life, nearer.

Love, overt, on fire,
glistening on skins
quivering on sweat,
burning with desire.

Hope in hope,
trapped in more hope,
and water,
galloping in and in and in,
deeper and deeper,
into the mire.

And then, the river, the source, the life…

And then, the glue, sticking harder
soul to soul,
skin to skin,
past desire.

Written by Animesh

June 25, 2006 at 2:14 am

Posted in Poetry

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