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My feeble love – II

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Alone and mislaid,
I walk down the shade.
Distrait this time,
for none is my aid.

Forgotten as I am,
Abandoned as I am,
I dare not to think of you,
and my impotency – unable to do a thing,
even to move a pebble,
or my thoughts away from you,
I grow heavy,
And little coward too.

Once, we braved those dreams together,
in those lovely nights, embracing each other.
And when you feared going ahead,
I took you by hand, and drove off shore.
“Let’s melt into each other, and become one.
As if you are all, and I am none.”
You proclaimed this, then, with you head on my shoulder
And eyes, drowning into mine,
which grew bolder and bolder,
with passing time.
It happened only a few days ago.
What did I do, honey, to turn you to such a virago?

Make me understand,
What all is going on?
What made you to walk out on me,
Did you love him more than ever,
you loved me before?

Don’t desert me – honey – in this combat.
Don’t leave me “just like that.”

Words are betraying me,
Feelings are forbidding me,
I am fit for nothing…here,
Is all they seem to convince me, dear.

A man is nothing,
if he has nothing to live for.
I would perish, I know,
I…just want to see you before.

To undo all the days,
that passed, without you,
flat, cloyed of your absence,
with a soft brush of your hairs.

To un-cry all the bitter tears,
I flooded my pillow with,

To un-dream everything,
That has a strand of you.

And to perish, if that’s to be,
Alone, and mislaid,
the way I am straying,
now, like a spaid,
nothing can set me free,
don’t you see?

Written by Animesh

July 11, 2006 at 2:10 am

Posted in Poetry

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