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death and/or life

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Lying idle on your bed, braving nuisances and bruises, scared for your love, your life, of death…ah…this is what you come up with. Don’t take it seriously, just gulp them in.

Strip your soul
and empty your heart.
If you got to understand,
just break yourself apart.

And begin anew,
afresh, un-rehearsed,

Death crosses life,
or life sucks on death,
it wouldn’t matter,
nothing would fall apart.

Death and life will fuse,
Become friends, and
all fear will depart.

When you see death coming,
You cling to life.
until then, life is just a-body-part.

When you have just one moment left,
Life becomes so precious,
so empty, so undone.
And then, you find something
you want to do the most.

That wish is life.
That wish is life only.
That wish is my love,
That wish is you, honey.

And the moment,
the moment of death becomes an eternity.
that retains in the heart,
my heart, her heart,
my pain, her pain,
and life – yes honey – life,
becomes art.

Written by Animesh

July 25, 2006 at 2:17 am

Posted in Poetry

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