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I hesitated

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I hesitated
the first time,
I took you in my arm,
And the first bow
I hit
At your green charm.

I fumbled in the dark
Around you,
the first time
I entered you.

I hesitated
in believing
what was true,
in the light far
far-inside you.

And when I came out,
I couldn’t un-enter you.
indeed I could not.

Living inside-out
or altogether in?
it’s only you
wherever I’ve been.

The strings
you tied the first time,
time when I hesitated
hangs around
telling tales-of-your-love,

Your light
brightens up my day,
outliving the sun
shines my way,
in little sparks, in its play.

I hesitated then,
to accept it.
I hesitate now,
to acknowledge it.

My hesitation is my proof
of my naivety.
Your acceptation of me,
of your nicety.

Love is not in making it believe,
Love is in believing in it to conceive.
“I love you” I say
“Me too love you” I receive.

That’s a big thing to say,
b’cos love is not an easy play.

Written by Animesh

July 30, 2006 at 2:18 am

Posted in Poetry

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