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Where is it: In the destination or in the road? It seems strange that everyday, in every mundane thing that we do, we try to chase a goal, a destination too far off to have our eyes laid upon, that we had set years ago, and sometime a point comes, we start living in moments, not in days or months or years, and things near and remote blend into each other, and the distance seems to blur, and the everyday-ness takes over the essence of our walking ahead, even the substance of our goals. And we lose what we could have become, even the thoughts of becoming that.
So, where is it? In the daily boring walk, or in the vision of future?

A warrior, that’s what we all are, aren’t we?, must not lose his visions, dreams of becoming what he had set for himself before he left the protection of his home, yet to reach there he must acquire knowledge, wisdom, which comes only from the path he is hiking to reach his goal. The path teaches you what you must know. This is what manual of warriors of light says.

It’s like the sexual relationship. The more emotive your foreplay is the more ecstatic your orgasm will be.

Orgasm is just an excuse. What you need is the foreplay, the affection, and the belonging-ness.

It’s indeed in the path. Goals are only a lullaby to lull you on a particular path.

Written by Animesh

July 30, 2006 at 2:17 am

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