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Lately I was reading Dr. Brian Weiss, his take on past lives and the concept of reincarnation, and how our souls resurrect into lives to balance their previous births, and to gain knowledge and higher understandings. Initially I was vastly cynical, but slowly as the book moved ahead, he took me.
It was basically an account of clinical processes that he and one of her patient underwent, but during the course, they both discovered what they actually were, and what they were meant for. The book unfolded itself gradually, and ignoring those insisting didactic messages, it was a good read.

I am personally little prone towards mystics and so-called-higher stuffs of life. And this book abetted me to dwell more into the similar thoughts.

If relations and relatives are assigned to you by the dint of your past activities and accounts, I came to believe that I was in heavy debt in my last births.

I believe I am paying them, somehow. And I would probably be in a better state in my future births. But things are different at present. How to deal with all these stuffs at once? How to live my daily life indifferently, on mathematical calculations of past lives? I deserve to err sometimes. Don’t I?

If only things had gone my way, I…

But things go in strange fashions.

Written by Animesh

August 19, 2006 at 2:21 am

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