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On writing

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– Writing is a tough job.
– Yeah. That’s why I want to do it.
– What you wanna write about?
– Umm… that’s funny. Because, I have no fix idea. I am thinking up many things these days. Let’s see which one stays long enough. Guess, I am not yet mature enough to venture into such a serious job.
– They say that we know everything we need in order to make our dreams come true.
– Writing books is not a dream. This is too abstract. Dreams are more concrete.
– May be, the other way round.
– Ha-ha-Ha…They also say that a writer writes only about himself. All great works were reflections, though little manipulated here and there, of their authors’ lives.
– How about your life?
– I have no history. At least no significant one.
– It’s very important to have a personal history in order to write.
– Something that compels your pen. Something in your thought that doesn’t allow you a moment of ease.
– Without them this is an impossible task.
– Yes. I am searching.
– Are you sure?
– Don’t know.

Written by Animesh

March 21, 2007 at 3:27 am

Posted in Diary

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