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Fool’ day

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So fool’s day passed without any fuss. No one cared to fool me but a single dear friend of mine. That’s it. Then we went to watch Delhi Heights, which had nothing good in taste but a single song which certainly took my attention to the most. Can I say: this movie fooled me? Well, it did. A perfect April Fool’s Day’s movie. It did everything to attract the attention, trying to carve out a space for itself in arena of contemporary movies like, Bas Ek Pal, Water etc, boasting of a unique cinema about human relationship in a modern society where a hell lot of people live in houses stuck together, horizontally and vertically, in a form of a huge building called Delhi Heights. I can’t talk more about it, just afraid of the after-blues I was left with out of the theatre. But, yes, I had rejoiced once the movie was finished: “sach batao, khatam ho gaya?”

Anyways, I moved into a new flat. Life wanted some change. This place is better than the last one, have more spacious rooms, and like a bonus, two huge balconies. Whatever, I know you are laughing at me that I write such stupid things also. Okay. I stop.

Written by Animesh

April 2, 2007 at 3:25 am

Posted in Diary

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