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Curious conversation of two friends in the night time.

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— I have read somewhere that life begins at 27. I now realize it. What you think?
— It starts at 30. 🙂 You got 3 more years to prepare.
— Why so? I think 27 is an extremely crucial juncture, rest of the life starts here.
— I guess I am not yet ready to be born. So, buying time for myself. :))
— Great thought.
— 🙂

<long– pause>

— We need some few million lives to experience even 1 percent of this world.
— Yeah. I guess you are right. Isn’t it why I stopped discovering this world? It’s too fucking big.
— Only two small legs, two hands and one little brain (That too a rusted one) How come we even dare to live?


— God made us and forgot us.
— Hmm
— May be, we are just his masturbatory waste.
— :)) lol. And he is preparing for more like us. He must be having the time of his life.
— Hey, his sperms aren’t human sperms. They are divine…They decide not to roll down the flush, and mutate.
— ha ha.
— So while god is watching menaka gyrating on his lap… his sperms are mutating, we are mutating.
— ha ha.
— Do you know what Hindus say? God’s single blink of an eye equals whole YUG of humans.
— yep
— So, god has only blinked 3 or 4 times…
— Still, how messed up has he got everything. ;))


— Man always wants something divine to protect him, so these all are just his imagination. He doesn’t want to take responsibility for anything.
— Yes, true.
— It’s like dug your head under earth in the face of a storm. Ostrich does it the best
— Like, we closed our eyes and slept curled around a pillow, convinced there were no ghosts.
— Closing the eyes and then imagining that there’s tremendous light, so bright that it can overwhelm the sun.
Fucking imagination
Of the weaks…
— Aint we all weak… one time or other?
— Not only weak, we are susceptible, vulnerable, to every fear, challenge and…so on.
Overcoming our own fears is Liberation.
Ain’t it?
— May be, there is no such thing like STRONG. So we have just imagined it too.
Only monkeys who are sent down the well with camera strapped on their neck, and sandwitches tied around their waist are Liberated.
Tyler says, Self– improvement is masturbation.
— Masturbation of the soul. Not physical
— :)) Interesting thought.
— Like we are churning them out through discussion, like sagar manthan or any other manthan.


— My point is, what if there IS a god. And he doesn’t care.
— Then we have to take the helm of the affairs, take the rein in our control: to lead ourselves.
— Where? And what for?
— Do you believe that we are misguided a lot of times in our lives by people we rely most? Like God, the product of our imagination.
— To seek attention of a drunk parent. Who has nothing else to do but watch menaka dancing.
— Yep. Yesterday I saw a documentary, it said 40 million people, all volunteers are dedicated to the cause of eradicating polio.
This is the biggest human endeavour even since our formation.
— Hey, this is all about survival. But why survive?
What’s the point? What are we trying to prove… and to whom?
— My ego wants me to live. Otherwise I will be dissolved in the universe.
I am such– and– such and I do such– and– such…such and such.
It all comes with I.
— It’s like writing on the sea– shore sand… another wave and it’s gone. Forever.
— Yeah. What we write doesn’t matter. It’s going to be washed away anyway.
— Yep. And Father is not home.
— :)) LOL
— He is drinking at pool side.
— Nobody’s home. Not even us.
— Fuck your sis… your mom. or Fuck Yourself. He can’t care less.
He is so fucking careless.
May be, he doesn’t even know we exist.
I’m a big– big girl, in a big– big world… it’s not a big– big thing — — if you leave me.
— I like “kyun aajkal neend kam khwab zyada hai…
— Nice song. But very cheerful.
I don’t like things that make me high.
That’s so false.
— You are already high. 🙂
— Yeah yeah. Sperm in sperms… 🙂


— We are all heading to the doomsday.
— They all say this. Bible Quran Geeta. All.
— If nobody kills us, then we will kill ourselves. There are enough bitter, disappointed, frustrated people among us
— Aint we doing it already?
— Yep.
— Look at the Islamists.
— Fundamentalist, I would call them. “Lakir ke Phakir”
— No. They have nothing fundamental in them.
Fundamentally man is an animal.
Islam deny that.
For that matter, all religions deny that.
— Hmm. They follow the book. And they are not open to any other possiblity of life.
A closed person is a dead person.
— Yeah. And before this person dies, IT kills many others. Like, closing every book, spread anywhere.


— Threshold for inclusion in Wikipedia is verifiability, not truth. :))
— It got me thinking.
— At least they say it openly.
— Imagine: You go to a public toilet, and masturbate.
— Okay.
— After some time a woman comes, and masturbates too.
And in the shit– pool beneath, the sperms and eggs meet. And imagine this pool to be warm and congenial, just sufficient to initiate life.
So they mutate… And a baby is born.
— :)) LOL. What has got into your head today?
— No, think about it, seriously. What the fuck will happen to the baby?
— The baby won’t grow there, because the warmth of the pool will be inconsistent.
— Arey, just imagine. This is philosophical, not biological.
— :)) The baby would start to live his/her life as we all do.
— Just like that?
— Just like that.

Written by Animesh

December 11, 2009 at 3:23 am

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  1. I felt for a moment that its you and me talking, except for the fact that i would be more descent 😈 in my language .
    Good work. :mrgreen:


    April 10, 2009 at 4:30 am

  2. I am speech less. 😕


    April 22, 2009 at 5:40 am

  3. good work 🙂
    needs a little descentness
    but a gr8 work……


    October 2, 2009 at 11:24 am

    • @animesh 🙂 yeah…. but sometimes you gotta take on raw.


      May 28, 2010 at 9:38 pm

  4. @animesh
    🙂 yeah…. but sometimes you gotta take on raw.


    February 23, 2010 at 12:37 am

  5. Interesting…Thoughtful….Getting to know other side of yours 🙂


    March 26, 2010 at 6:08 am

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