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Haiku Verses

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#1. The pond in the country,
Reflects nothing but the empty sky.
No cloud to wish, no fish to fish.

#2. It’s time to say goodbye,
Or to gather ourselves for another try.
Who knows what?

#3. They all speak of loves,
They all have different words.
Well, I’m dumb. I speak braille.

#4. Words rape loves,
Loves rape words.
It’s no gender game, just pure pun.

#5. She didn’t show up, she might have broken.
I couldn’t care less, I was already high.
Damn! Tight rope.

#6. She had a crush on me, I on her.
It lived its life, and
that’s that.

#7. The best part of love, is chasing the dove.
then, the dust settles down.
Life moves on.

#8. Two things I can’t stand: stillness and mundane.
You gotta move, sprint and scoot.
She was a mermaid, she swam instead.

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Written by Animesh

June 7, 2010 at 9:57 am

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