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Haiku Verses (from a lost mind)

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#1. Old mother bee is thrown out,
they had a revolution, now they’ve some *-cracy,
wrapped up in democracy.

#2. My soul left me to seek a dream body.
It didn’t find any.
It’s lost, like many.

#3. Love is a puddle of dirty water,
one falls in, one falls out,
no one just stays in.

#4. I had too much of life lately,
I laughed, loved and trotted about places.
Now What?

#5. A week ago,
I did not exist. and now,
I over-do the existence.

#6. When you translate an idea,
you always distort it.
nothing pure here, nothing original.

#7. The room is full of produce,
Gods need to relax a bit.
Ain’t it half time yet?

#8. The world runs on words and faces,
like the stage surged with strange actors, Weird dresses,
yellow top, red boots and greed hat.

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Written by Animesh

June 16, 2010 at 3:40 pm

Posted in Haiku

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