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I think of you

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g1092rgik2I think of you
and close my eyes.

I see your beautiful face
your subtle face…
and the twinkle in your eyes.

The aura of beauty
surrounds me.
The tinge of love
enchants me.

And I keep closed
my eyes.

I talk to you
and the enigma grows!

Your soothing words.
Your pensive silence.
All promises for
bright chores.

There I stay
in your revere
fumbling in my romance
drowning in your substance

And I keep closed
my eyes.

I hear your laughter
and all my pulses, all my beats
go faultier.

Your fingers
entwined together
lead shores
at my veins.

Your lips
curve-ly parted
join my dream
at ends.

I couldn’t stutter a word
and keep closed
my eyes.

the anticipating world
As I see you
going away
from my trance.

my eyes widen.
my dreams tighten.

I couldn’t hold you.
I couldn’t stop you.

There, I think of you
and decide
the fate of mine
standing by your side.

I see mine
confiding in.
I see you

scared of divinity
scared of eternity
I close my eyes.

Those eyes…

never again
they went surmise!

Written by Animesh

June 29, 2005 at 12:05 am

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