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I Waited…

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I waited and
waited for you.

But nothing could show me luck.
I looked at stones and people
and earth and fire
and you…
But nothing could offer me a clue.

The sun was blue
just like you…
The air was stew
just like you…
Hitherto hopes fled away
and I sat pensive
pining for you.

No beckon,
No wave though
came to rescue…
But I waited
and waited patiently
for you…

Past echoed
and the future
refrained to glue.

But I waited
and waited patiently
For you…

The longing drowned soon
and I knew
the real true
that you are gone
that I am…
…left alone

But, together with this truth
there goes something more
in queue.
That once
I had waited and
waited patiently
for you.


Written by Animesh

June 9, 2005 at 11:59 pm

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