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I Am

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I am Water.
when I languish I reflect,
when I let go I flow.
I am Sand.
I am everything you want me to be,
You need me to be.
A ship,
A lighthouse,
A castle,
A king,
A subject,
A hope,
A mirror,
A past,
A future…
A messenger,
A message.

When strained
I crumble into sand,
I get washed by the sea,

I traverse oceans and distances looking for another story,
Another tragedy,
Another drama,
Another stop,
Another comma.

I am Water, Air, Light.
Happiness, Peace, Solitude.
I am everything that reminds you of life,
All the goods,
All the bads.

Written by Animesh

December 12, 2009 at 11:52 am

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I Waited…

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I waited and
waited for you.

But nothing could show me luck.
I looked at stones and people
and earth and fire
and you…
But nothing could offer me a clue.

The sun was blue
just like you…
The air was stew
just like you…
Hitherto hopes fled away
and I sat pensive
pining for you.

No beckon,
No wave though
came to rescue…
But I waited
and waited patiently
for you…

Past echoed
and the future
refrained to glue.

But I waited
and waited patiently
For you…

The longing drowned soon
and I knew
the real true
that you are gone
that I am…
…left alone

But, together with this truth
there goes something more
in queue.
That once
I had waited and
waited patiently
for you.

Written by Animesh

June 9, 2005 at 11:59 pm

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The Dark

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The dark prevails
and the loom
tearing apart the
dim of moon…

You took all the light
and I stroll aimlessly
to vanish soon…

Something gleams far away
striving to beckon
Is it your silhouette
or just
my gloom…?

Cherished like desire
Sacred like moon…!

Effusive hopes entwine
a new equation
Rotten paths arouse into
a new bloom

O’ Love!
Don’t come over to me
to perish my dream…

Hide the light of
your face
behind the canopy
of sheen.

Let the dark reign
and cease the sun
for shown
mysterious, as it might be, but
Let the complex be
my only Boann!

Written by Animesh

June 6, 2005 at 11:57 pm

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