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the heart is broken
in thousands pieces, she says
and this time
there is no turning back
this is no hole, she sighs, to fill up
this is a big crack.

across the window
I see things that glow
angels flying down to take me, she says
I’m going away, farther than you can reach
time and again, I tried to repair
nothing touches me now, no love, no beseech.

I sweep the floor
dirt and tears come along
I know what to do
get a box and fix it up with some glue
you can’t fix it, don’t you see,
she growls, you can’t un-rape me.

Written by Animesh

September 28, 2010 at 3:09 pm

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Lost and never found

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All that I am or I pretend
sullen dreams of bleak end

Lost and never found
fallen leaves on the ground

Truth is a lie in disguise
solemn words of a skewed voice

Flowers sprawled by the riverbed
roots entangled into the mud

I seek love and love seeks a clown
run away before you’re drowned

Written by Animesh

September 27, 2010 at 5:26 pm

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Reality skiing on snow

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torbay_paignton_intVishnu Talkies stands lost, like a piece from ancient times, among the crowd of towering buildings that have mushroomed in past few years when the world of India’s Capital chose to move upwards. There stands a curved metal hoarding upon a narrow opening which reaches to its narrow entrance gate. We walk into the street, past a pirated video store, a beauty parlor, a cheap restaurant where a huge potbellied man sat frying samosas at its door in a huge black pan bubbling with overused overheated dark oil. I take her hands in mine when we reach the Cinema’s iron grilled gate. On our left there is the ticket window, closed. On right, however, they are selling tickets, in black.
        Inside, a grimly thin man waits at the balcony door, an Eveready Steel torch sewed around with frayed cotton dangles around his neck. With a haunting screech he pulls the door open, and ushers us in the dimly lit hall and focuses his torch upon our seats. I walk behind her, holding her by elbows, between the rows of aged wooden pushback chairs with coconut cushions, striped covers.

“Why were you staring at her?” She asks, when on the screen a young lady – her Vaseline-lacquered skin shines incredibly against her frazzled clothes – has just escaped her perpetrators, and has taken refugee in this similarly frazzled backyard of a temple. I strain my eyes. Pitch-dark, popcorn-punching-dark hall bars my vision. Time for rape.
“Who,” I ask groping for her face.
“That whore. Outside the video store.”

The scene has moved on, like life always does, to a brighter frame where an old man is holidaying with his family in an exotic country, Switzerland, or Ireland, or may be Holland, whatever… they all seem to have snowsnow and more snow, and castles and castles and more castles, and grass green until the eyes go, and people, all very good, always helping, ever tolerating you knocking at their doors in the middle of the night for shelter and happily granting the same, fuckers, where do such people exist? But then, a movie is not a movie if it’s all about what you see in your real life. It must be larger than life. Villains more villainous. Heroes more heroic. Beauties more beautiful. Life more peaceful. People more generous. And blah blah.
Well in this scene, the old man throws flakes of snow at the kids, they return-fire at him at once, and they all laugh in their heavy jackets and long hoods. Heartily. A little far away, this old man’s daughter skis with her husband, taking turns to skid ahead of the other, coltish rivalry, both laughing their hearts, eyes. Happiness it seems – as they sell it – to be a gift package of return tickets to these snowy hills and laughter and more laughter.

We should buy it once, “Let’s go to some place like this,” I stroke her palm, and on them plant an unusually soggy kiss. She blushes. I know. When she does, she lets her hands loose, almost like giving in. “And what would I tell to my folks?” One curt touch of reality and here goes all the dreams rolling down the hill. Large Reality skiing on even larger fantastic snow. What is large can not be made fit in what is small.

Written by Animesh

March 9, 2009 at 4:18 am

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Like a thunder in a rainy night

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Like a thunder in a rainy night,
Who doesn’t know, what t’show, what’hide.
You seem to be asking every moment,
Baby, you wanna stop, or take’ride.

You never open the door by my side,
Never step out to say, goodbye.
Never see a drop when I cry,
How could it go when you always keep me so dry…

I know I am gonna miss you
And it’s going to hurt…but I am sure to do
I’m gonna teach myself how to fly
And catch a cloud to drift away

O baby don’t pretend,
You wouldn’t die
The pain will pass through…

Pull over here and bid me adieu.

Written by Animesh

October 4, 2008 at 11:35 pm

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wo lamhe

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wohlamhe2pI am borrowing ideas these days; nothing left with of my own. It’s a translation of a Hindi song I am listening to for almost all the time these days.

Let’ go home, my love!
Let’ go home, my love!
Let’s walk to a lonesome place,
empty of city’s rush,
of these thousands of people, and their pace.
For a while, you, take me away,
Let’ go home, my love!
Let’ go home, my love!

Come close, close to me,
Bridge the distance, whatever may it be.
Hold me; diffuse inside.
Hug me; unto our hearts.
Drown me, into your love endless,
End the tortures of lone nights.
Break the chains, and their rules,
Come close to me, into me.
Let’ go home, my love!
Let’ go home, my love!

Original Lyrics:

na jaha bheed ho.
na jahan bhar ke log.
na shaher mein base lakhon logon ka shor.
chand lamhe tu inse mujhe durr kar.
chal chale apne ghar, hummsafar

duriyan de mita, jo bhi hai darmiyan.
aaj kuch aise mil, ek ho jaye jaan.
bhar mujhe baahon mein. le duba chahaon mein..
pyar kar tu bepanah…khatam bechain raaton ke ho silsile..
yun laga le aaj apne gale..
thod har bandishein, aaj mujh me utar.

Written by Animesh

October 10, 2006 at 2:25 am

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make me free…!

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Make me free
Make me fly
high high high
high in the
Angels Angels
take me away
with you
far far far
far-beyond the blue

My throat is chocked
My things are done.
I am in the queue
waiting my turn.

I look,
past my past,
and find the brightest
of my moment
bidding me, and

Choose me.
Choose me.
Don’t leave me,

No pain
No joy
and not a certainty
of life or love
there I will

Dreams chase me here,
Hopes cage me here
and I fall short of breathe
I utter my finality
slowly, closing my

Written by Animesh

August 2, 2006 at 2:18 am

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I hesitated

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I hesitated
the first time,
I took you in my arm,
And the first bow
I hit
At your green charm.

I fumbled in the dark
Around you,
the first time
I entered you.

I hesitated
in believing
what was true,
in the light far
far-inside you.

And when I came out,
I couldn’t un-enter you.
indeed I could not.

Living inside-out
or altogether in?
it’s only you
wherever I’ve been.

The strings
you tied the first time,
time when I hesitated
hangs around
telling tales-of-your-love,

Your light
brightens up my day,
outliving the sun
shines my way,
in little sparks, in its play.

I hesitated then,
to accept it.
I hesitate now,
to acknowledge it.

My hesitation is my proof
of my naivety.
Your acceptation of me,
of your nicety.

Love is not in making it believe,
Love is in believing in it to conceive.
“I love you” I say
“Me too love you” I receive.

That’s a big thing to say,
b’cos love is not an easy play.

Written by Animesh

July 30, 2006 at 2:18 am

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